24 Super-Simple Ways to Make Doing Your Hair Incredibly Easy


Seriously, you'll be out the door before you know it.


  1. Posted by princessraia123, — Reply

    It works best if you do your braid according to what type of waves you would like. If you want tighter waves, do a tight braid. If not, do a looser braid. Hope this helps!

  2. Posted by marissabell26, — Reply

    It was not the greatest.... it worked some what.... but not like to picture... although it did have a slight curl .

  3. Posted by IsabellePaige15, — Reply

    It worked so well! I separated my hair into 4 braids because I have really thick hair.

  4. Posted by emmaouragan, — Reply

    je fais cette coiffure tout les soirs elle est très simple et facile et rapide

  5. Posted by emileytrav, — Reply

    It works even better if you sleep with the braids in overnight.

  6. Posted by shelbyjoe88, — Reply

    Why does she look disgusted at everything??

  7. Posted by swimmergirlsmit, — Reply

    This doesn't work but it looks so cute😭😭

  8. Posted by veronicagirl06, — Reply

    It did not work for me.

  9. Posted by rhihuskin, — Reply

    This does not work.

  10. Posted by ryleecloutier, — Reply

    Her face though!

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