51 Funny Randoms To Waste Away With


A large collection of meme and pics we know you can't resist looking at. And when you're done with these, we got more memes up our sleeves.


  1. Posted by kartikayrai25, — Reply

    I have seen everything. I shall now retire to the peace and quiet of the Himalayas, and spend the rest of my life as a recluse there, free from the clutches of society, free from the evil influence of other humans.

  2. Posted by inaammakki, — Reply

    No one: Troom Troom: Put the wrong sause on your pasta? Just put your patsa in the washing machine. iT's nOT a PRObleM aNyMoRE.

  3. Posted by L_i_z_i_e, — Reply

    This is unsettling

  4. Posted by DerrylSpycer, — Reply

    But wHy?

  5. Posted by actuallyADumbass, — Reply

    Or you could use the fucking sink like a normal person

  6. Posted by Humblez1, — Reply

    5 STARS, I tried this and it worked perfectly

  7. Posted by MichaelScottandJesus, — Reply

    Yo wtf

  8. Posted by dock_the_dog, — Reply

    *heavy breathing*

  9. Posted by SterlingchildofAthena, — Reply

    Or you can just use a strainer under the sink?????

  10. Posted by abigailharrin, — Reply

    Da fuc

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