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  1. Posted by Jamooliee, — Reply

    Aang and Katara so cute❤️. But why the hell did they make Zuko so ugly as an adult? I saw how he looked, Sokka and Aang grew fine but he looked weird. Look at Zuko's parents, heck, look at Ozai's fine ass.

  2. Posted by katrinaendstarr, — Reply

    Can we all just agree that soka got hot when he grew up?

  3. Posted by izzysporty25, — Reply

    okay so is this the end of the last air bender or that korra one where the avatar i think a female water bender

  4. Posted by ilikesandwichesandihaveanxiety, — Reply

    y’all r sleeping on adult aang 🥵

  5. Posted by Aiko75749, — Reply

    The three of them all have no business looking that hot. My bi- ass is confused as hell.

  6. Posted by aart99887, — Reply

    Where they nips

  7. Posted by 5p00ky, — Reply

    So we just gon act like they have no nips

  8. Posted by peridisney, — Reply

    aang is taller than katara now...

  9. Posted by rileyerin0, — Reply

    N i p p l e

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