A Bátyám Legjobb Barátja[Vége]


CSAK SAJÁT FELELŐSÉGRE Köszönöm!- -Mit?-húzza össze a szemöldökét. -Hogy mindig itt vagy mellettem.-suttogom majd belekortyolok az italomba. Nathan csak felnev...


  1. Posted by aidyndeal, — Reply

    I’m having trouble finding black JEGGINGS bc all of them r either jeans or super itchy any recommendations (edit: Thank y’all for all these recommendations!! I’ll definitely look some of the places y’all recommended☺️!

  2. Posted by maccaalpacca1, — Reply

    Anyone know any cheap places for oversized things and trackies? I havbout grown all my shit

  3. Posted by ellenmonk03, — Reply

    Where’s the jacket from

  4. Posted by Gxx07, — Reply

    Oh ma goshhhhhh I‘m so in love with this

  5. Posted by amsoares509, — Reply

    Where did you get this outfit

  6. Posted by Booper1015, — Reply

    u r so pretty

  7. Posted by gashthrasher, — Reply

    Delicious 🤪

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