An XXL Dump of 66 Funny Memes Perfect for the Weekend


Slack off and browse through freshly collected memes to make you laugh.


  1. Posted by arizonabug06, — Reply

    Y'all. It's a fucking toddler!!! And it's a picture!! I am aware that's not the sign for help, but c'mon....did you get sign language right when you first learnt it? Didn't think so

  2. Posted by josephine_binns, — Reply

    There’s a picture of me when I was like two and it’s me trying to get away from santa. There’s also a picture of my first dog with Santa and he looks happy. I don’t know what my problem was.

  3. Posted by kpmyers0123, — Reply

    Bruh r u kidding me... even though you think something doesn’t mean share it. Right here for example

  4. Posted by mariabennett72899, — Reply

    WHy aRE Y'all CoRrECtiNg a MF BaBY?!

  5. Posted by bookwormlt48, — Reply

    Unless they're using BSL (British Sign Language) that's not help

  6. Posted by Haleigh_Bledsoe, — Reply

    He is just a baby

  7. Posted by Haleigh_Bledsoe, — Reply

    Don't correct him

  8. Posted by kendra3514, — Reply

    Well someone failed at making us convinced that the baby is “signing”

  9. Posted by ilovefroppy, — Reply

    Help fat man steal my cookies

  10. Posted by Glowinqs, — Reply

    no where did it say a specific type of sign language

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