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  1. Posted by phluphie, — Reply

    Hey! I have a Google Classroom for anime but also whatever else you want to talk about lmao. Code is ks5mdkb :)

  2. Posted by kepearso, — Reply

    I guess this is the gayest boy ever. But idc he's a mix between cute hot and adorable

  3. Posted by drunk3nlove, — Reply

    real boys will never compare.

  4. Posted by samira_hakimi, — Reply

    I can't belive i found this in "Anime girls" ;-; Deku are you a girl-?

  5. Posted by Twinkysad, — Reply

    cOmO sE hAcE eSe tIpO dE eFeCtO O eDiT.

  6. Posted by averycasey9169, — Reply

    His nom face tho

  7. Posted by nachomanzur1, — Reply

    Goku vibes

  8. Posted by Charlidamlio239, — Reply

    Ele é um bb 💗😔

  9. Posted by lulunasss, — Reply


  10. Posted by lucygracesmith124, — Reply

    Dekuuuu 😭♥️😘

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