Caprese Chicken- BEST Easy Chicken Dinner Recipe


This simple Caprese Chicken recipe always impresses! The chicken covered in pesto, tomatoes and creamy mozzarella has delicious flavors and feels like a fancy meal, but only takes minutes to put together with only 4 simple ingredients and one dish.  It is perfect for guests but also great for a quick family dinner.


  1. Posted by mary9323, — Reply

    This was delicious. I even added a balsamic drizzle to the top! My husband doesn’t like tomatoes and ate two helpings it was so good

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  3. Posted by ginafourney, — Reply

    whats the white ( im gonna guess cheese)

  4. Posted by withlovefromnv, — Reply

    Definitely cook chicken before hand!!!

  5. Posted by withlovefromnv, — Reply

    Dang. All those look amazing!!

  6. Posted by tayla_s5454, — Reply

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