Circular Calendar


A beautiful way to flow through the rhythm of your week and year. My circular calendar depicts the twelve months of the year on the outer circle with hand drawn images that correspond to the season or holiday. The inner circle depicts the seven days of the week in colors that correspond to those used in waldorf education. Both circles turn to display the current month and day of the week. The entire piece put together measures 9.625 inches wide and 11.1875 inches tall. Personal home use only / non-commercial use. This listing is for a digital PDF of my circular calendar. Please do not share this PDF with others, printed or digitally. Helpful info: The PDF is 11 X 17 and intended to be printed on an 11 X 17 card stock paper. You will need to have it printed at a copy shop on card stock if you don't have a large format printer at home. You will need to print, cut, and join the pieces together with a brad. An exacto knife would be very helpful to cut the windows out of the triangular viewer. This calendar is waldorf inspired therefore November depicts a lantern walk in celebration of Martinmas.