Welcoming The Baby Goats To The Stenner Farm - Lana Stenner


We are welcoming baby goats to the farm this month! The Stenner Farm raises mini nubian goats as well as chickens and bees. Gloriann is our oldest goat at three years old, and she is a trooper! After a long and cold winter here in Kansas City, she gave birth to three sweet little angels. After 20 hours of active labor, momma delivered one baby girl and two sweet boys.


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    Get those kids out of the sink!😂😂😂Too cute!!!! My mom wouldn’t let us wash our HANDS in the kitchen sink(unless you were cooking, of course)

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    Cute picture but why would you ever put your livestock somewhere you do dishes?

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    I want a sink full of baby goats

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    Cute and also stunning photo💕

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    This what I been missing all my life

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